Monday, May 9, 2011

Basics of Spanishiwa's no.1 strategy

This is a fast expansion style build that opens the same vs all 3 match ups.  

key ideas:

1: in the beginning, use all of your larva for drones!  You are not going to have enough to produce units simultaneously.
2: gas delay = faster drones
3: Creep spread increases the effectiveness of Zerg by a LOT.  
4: over saturation is terrible

Opening:  You are always going to open with 16 hatchery, 15 spawning pool.  As soon as you have your natural expo and a pool, produce four queens as quickly as possible.  Using the first queen's initial energy, connect your expo to your main.  I cannot stress the importance of this step enough.  

As soon as you reach the point of saturation for two bases (~2 drones), throw down all 4 gas.  

*** do not get supply blocked with this build EVER***

Now that you have two saturated bases, your main aspect of defense are going to be strategically placed spines and transfusing queens.  Do not waste all of your queen's energy on injections or spreading creep.  They will hold off any early attack by transfusing each other and spines. 

Last step:  depending on who you are playing against and what strategy they are using, macro up and build build build!  One of my favorite first units is the mutralisk to harass the shit out of your opponent's mineral line.  After your initial mutras die, transition into something else (roach/hydra, broods, ultras, w/e you want)


  1. Good luck with your blog bro! I heard ad clicks are important

  2. this looks interesting. i should try it sometimes.

  3. Yo I just got to silver with this. Thanks dog

  4. Nice blog. I suck at Starcraft, but I hope to start learning...


  5. I like this strat, I like to mix my strats up and I use this regularly. Very powerful build when executed right, I particularly like this build vs protoss where air openings can be insanely annoying and it makes 4 gating nigh impossible on maps with narrow entrances to the natural.

  6. I play more as protoss, but I've been thinking about switching to zerg. I might try this out soon.

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